Besides research in cryptography, our group offers commercial services to industry. Using the equipment of the SIX Advanced Cybersecurity Laboratories, we deliver the following services. Please contact for more details.

Infrastructure Benchmarking and Stress Tests

By using professional testing appliances, the network infrastructure can be benchmarked and the behavior in extreme load can be simulated. We offer testing on Layer 4-7 on 10Gbps links using Spirent Avalanche appliances. Using these devices, we are able to verify your network stability and performance in extreme situations.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

We are able to verify the security of your network by running a set of intrusion tests. These tests run on multiple layers, from hardware to application layer. The testing procedure verifies the ability of your network and applications to stay protected against attackers and hackers. In particular, we focus on web application security testing.

Customized Protocols and System Design

We design customized IT security solutions according to the customers’ needs. These solutions are both software and hardware based. We specialize on cryptographic protocol design, mainly on secure authentication of users and the protection of data. Also, we design privacy-enhancing systems for the protection of sensitive personal data and for the prevention of identity thefts. Besides protocol design, we also provide services in secure hardware design.

For the tasks mentioned above, we use specific equipment, such as Spirent Avalanche appliances, Ixia stress testers, Netcope Technologies 200 Gbps FPGA NICs, programmable smart-cards, a Cisco-based experimental network or purpose-built Ethernet tapping devices.